Pravunath Singh,

SDE / IoT Dev Human

Hi there 👋, My name is Pravunath Singh, and I'm a Software Developer / IoT Dev from India! When I'm not building stuff for the web or not trying to connect 'things' over the 'internet' or trying to learn how machines learn.. I'm either looking up at alien mysteries or trying to learn why our universe works the way it does.


Chapter Leader, GirlScript Bandel

Responsible for building a developer community in a tier 3 town

Core Team & Event Organizer, DSC AOT

Responsible for conducting events and tech conferences


Contact Manager

Web app, built using React, to manage your contacts. It uses Context API.

Client Panel

Web app, built using React, Redux and Firebase/Firestore, to manage your clients.

FoodBae 🍖❤️

A web app which lets you find your perfect meal based on your search results. What's more? It also provides the detailed recipe for each meal.

BookList App

Web app built using Vanilla JavaScript to keep a track record of your books.

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